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Musical Sex Meme
[sexy] kiss :: almost!


1. Post to this entry with your character journal. Include the character's name and fandom in the subject line, please! Feel free to include preferences, too, and squicks in the comment body.
2. Reply to other characters, and randomly choose a number from 1-13 for a song.
3. Thread out anything--sex isn't a requirement, but c'mon--based on the song you get


1. Shot Through the Heart: You give love a bad name~ You hate the other person, but they're still insanely hot, and a damn good lay. Hatesex, clearly, is the answer.
2. Like a Virgin: Touched for the very first time~ One of you is a virgin, all blushing and clueless.
3. S&M: Now the pain's my pleasure~ Dirty, kinky sex. Pain optional.
4. Because the Night: Because the night belongs to lovers~ The night is a passionate time, perfect for slow, sweet lovemaking.
5. Closer: Open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby, I'll bleed you dry You're not so sure this is a good idea, but it feels good, and they're being awful persuasive...
6. I Touch Myself: I close my eyes and see you before me~ Sex doesn't have to involve penetration. Sometimes, just getting off together is hot as fucking.
7. I Want You to Want Me: I need you to need me~ Either you're the pet, or the master. Your choice~
8. First of May: Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called fucking outside~ Public isn't the ideal place for sex, but it sure as hell works. Bathrooms, changing rooms, wherever.
9. Bad Romance: Want your bad romance~ This relationship? Not good. It's not abusive, per se, but it's not exactly healthy. Yet, you can't leave this person for whatever reason.
10. Teenage Dream: My heart stops when you look at me~ Utter. Fluff. The fluffiest sex ever.
11. Let's Get It On: Tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long~ Who needs all that fancy stuff? Let's just have sex!
12. Instant Pleasure: 'Cause all I ask for is instant pleasure~ Eh, who needs attachments? Friends with benefits (or a hooker) is the way to go.
13. Wild Card ♫♪♫♪ Pick your poison!

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