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Chains of Grace plotting post
[interrogate] that's cute

I thought this might be easier than sending PMs to multiple people or waiting until we're all on AIM. Hopefully, the LJ tags will cooperate.

1) Castle is going to need to hear about all this.

2) Charlie might buddy up to Elle to use her money and connections - ties to Ben and Guriel - to wreak some sort of havoc. If there's any plan other than revenge, toss it out. Maybe she just wants a pet werewolf or something.

3) Elle isn't eating as much meat as she should be. Thanks to the memes, we know she's eating a little, especially when it comes to rubbing it in Ben's face, but otherwise, not enough to sustain a werewolf.

4) She's sending Zepar over to Ben's for Thanksgiving because otherwise it'll be a sucky holiday at her place. She's still pissed off enough that she doesn't want to go. Or, really, she doesn't want to see Ben or Guri if she can help it.

5) She's thinking about giving Zepar his ring for Christmas. She won't be happy about it, but the messages might be getting through the slightest bit.

6) She wants to talk to Elle W about whether or not angels can inherit, but that's more a note for me. Though if you guys can think of a way to bring other chars in, bring it.

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Well, I'm thinking at this point that they've taken down that Pit of Elle's, Ben got kidnapped by "unknowns" -- or at least "unknown to them" -- and was turned loose somehow, by someone else unknown.

I'm thinking that during that (since we didn't play it out), he and Guriel got separated somehow, which is when he got taken. Could Charlie have engineered that? In which case, who turned him loose? A random angel? A minion who saw that Ben was dying and took pity on him because he didn't sign up for this shit?

I heartily approve of bringing Castle back.

I also heartily approve of how this has turned all these relationships on their heads. WHEE.

Or could CHARLIE have set him loose even though her minions are the ones who attacked him, as a way of getting closer to him and encouraging him to trust her?

Would the group know about Elle before she starts trying to take them down from within? Could our heroes all be getting played?

Oooo, I like how your mind works. He already feels bad for her, thinking she's a prisoner too. If she crept in and did the "Oh, I can't believe they're doing this to you, you're dying, I can't let that happen no matter what they do to me" sort of thing. He doesn't remember who turned him loose, but that could come back in a dream, easy.

And the idea of our players getting played is AWESOME.

BWAHAHAHAHA. The real question is how to dupe the angels. Maybe Charlie can convince Elle W to work with the senator's team on a project to help angel rights or come to some sort of negotiation or something, and Elle W will be the go-between with the angels, feeding them misinformation and such.

Maybe Charlie/Ammaroth is after the safe house, trying to track the angels from the safe house to whatever hideouts they have beyond that, so that the demons/hunters/whatevers can scoop up a bunch of angels all at once.

And it was all through the good and noble intentions of our little group.

Also, question: Have any rival werewolf packs ever shown up on Ben's turf?

The only other werewolves Ben's ever seen were the one who turned him, and there was a confrontation in New Jersey with four of them who were unhappy about a new wolf in their territory and made an issue, right after Guriel's wing surgery.

Yeah, I thought it might be something like that...

I think we might be piling the plate a little high, but maybe we can keep it on the back burner for later - another pack of wolves who don't like another pack around? Especially since that pack involves angels and isn't ~pure.~

Though since Elle doesn't have a pack, she'd probably have to choose. Like joining a gang or something.

FFFF why do I suck and didn't reply to this >.>

I am totally loving how deep Guriel's denial over all of Elle's good points is running. If she does give Zepar his ring, Guriel is going to have a paradigm shift of massive proportions. ELLE YOU BREAK HIS BRAIN.

The notion of Charlie gunning for the safehouse has all kinds of evil and awesome implications. It has moved before so if it has to again as a result of plot stuffs that can totally be arranged.

Also I am totally going to throw Guriel at Castle right now, WATCH ME DO IT.

lol. I'm glad you did, though!

Would he still be too upset to let her into the Pack, though? Because if she's in, she might be in for good. And she's already given them reason not to trust her...

There's also the matter of whether or not she can get by without an angel. She's... seen the light of how useful they can be, quite frankly, and God knows she has trouble taking care of herself.

Or could it be more massive than that? What happens to the angels after they leave the safehouse?

And logging into the Castle account!

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