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Application to a_facility
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OOC Information:
Name: (Name, nickname, whatever, just give us something to call you!) Eve
Age: 26
AIM: Evil Lifegiver
E-MAIL: (So we can be in contact with you) kiandra_fire@yahoo.com

IC Information:
Name: Eleanor Zoe Bishop // Elle // "Ellie" will get people killed
Fandom: Heroes
Timeline: Her canon breaks off after Cautionary Tales after she realizes her father has been experimenting on her and erasing her memories afterward.
Age: 24
Appearance: Elle stands at 5'2" and compensates for her shortness with dangerously high heels. She prefers clothing that shows off her lean frame and often finds a way to flash some skin. She's been growing out her blonde hair (she can't remember why she cut it in the first place), and parts it on the right. Her face is square, her nose has a slight bump, and she has vivid blue eyes that she isn't afraid to bat at people to get her way.
Abilities: Electric manipulation. Elle generates electricity through her hands and sometimes the rest of her body, though the latter takes more energy and concentration and is often used as a last resort. She's learned to send bolts over distances to tase people, and has been known to use her ability to kill people.
Personality: (What is your character like? Good? Bad? How do they get along with others? One paragraph or more please.)
Elle comes across at first as very simple. Want, get, happy. Want, don't get, angry. Don't want, get, angry. Don't want, don't get, happy. Simple. But even someone as simple as Elle isn't actually that simple.

Though Elle often toes the line of villainy, it isn't so much because she's evil as that she can't always distinguish between right and wrong. She was raised by her father to be the best agent she could be, and part of that was - according to her father, Bob - to have no emotion that could impair her while she worked. After his experiments, she became emotionally withdrawn and was sent to therapy; Bob manipulated the therapists to have her diagnosed as a sociopath with paranoid delusions. Convinced she truly was a sociopath, Elle slowly started to act like one and continued to do so when she noticed how pleased her father was that she could hurt or kill people without apparent guilt. With that in mind, she tends to bury any feelings she sees as weakness - guilt, sadness, and fear amongst them. She's also likely to torture or kill anyone who sees her when she's weak.

Her memory has been wiped many times since she was eight, and that and her spoiled upbringing may have contributed to her childish personality, which, except for a series of lectures on how to behave, has gone largely unchecked.

Despite all this, Elle can be thoughtful and is more self-aware than most give her credit for. However, she tends to bury this under an extremely flirtatious and immature personality. She's seen how weaknesses can be exploited and doesn't want anyone to find her real weaknesses. She can't fake her extreme vanity, however, nor how spoiled she is. She's been known to hold extreme grudges.

At the end of the day, Elle is an optimist, convinced things will get better if she just keeps trying. She'll pursue what she wants stubbornly, even if it kills her.

History: (How did your character get to be who they are today? Remember, not everyone will know your fandom. Two paragraphs or more please.)
Elle has had her ability her entire life and when she was a baby ended up electrocuting her mother when she got upset. Her father married his mistress, Amy, shortly after, and she was tasked with raising Elle. Too afraid to approach Elle when she was upset and sparking, Elle was often left to cry herself to sleep. Those around her didn't know how she would handle the knowledge that she had killed her birth mother, and thus, none of them told her about it and she grew up thinking her stepmother was her real mother.

When she was eight, Amy got fed up over living in fear. Elle's control over her ability had improved only slightly, and her control over her temper hadn't improved at all, having gone unchecked by people who were afraid to upset her. As such, Amy called Bob and demanded that Bob take Elle away. She divorced Bob after and traveled the world, essentially disappearing from Elle's life. Elle thought it was all her fault. Bob brought her to the Company, an organization to monitor specials and keep the populace safe from the dangerous ones, and decided to make her a Company agent.

Gradually, through mindwipes and other manipulations by her father, she forgot nearly everything about her earlier life and sought to be the best agent she could be to please her father. The few times she's tried to assert herself, Bob either ignores her or threatens to demote her, and she gives in to try to please him.

Recently, however, she was captured and tortured by Noah Bennet, a man she used to look up to as a father figure (or a pawn, depending on her mood). He told her how her father used to torture her to see how far her ability could go, and that the human mind couldn't stand that level of electricity for so long a time. He pointed out that she had gaps in her memory, as if a special such as herself had put them there. Once back with her father, she started investigating and found that all her files were empty. It's not really helping her paranoia.

Roleplay Sample - Log: (Written in third person, past tense, any setting [Changed 6/25! - 'any canon setting - or Facility based.'] )
Elle buried her head deeper into her mattress and and pulled her pillow over her head. Someone must have left the door open to Level 5 and all the prisoners were screaming their heads off again. She wondered sometimes if they did that just to piss her off.

She bolted awake. Level 5 open? But that meant that- something about dangerous people running around. She was halfway through stumbling out of bed to stop them when she realized this wasn't her room. In seconds, she was on her feet, balls of lightning in her hands, glaring into the corners as if whoever had done this would step forward. Had someone kidnapped her? Had her father thrown her into Level 5 for some reason? Did he even know she was here?

If this was Level 5, that meant Noah was here. He'd tell her what was going on. He might even tell the truth.

She killed the lightning in one hand and upped the voltage in the other, grasping the door and tugging, hoping they hadn't locked her in. She was relieved when it opened. Obviously, they had remembered that she was Bob Bishop's daughter. She blinked at the hallway in front of her. This wasn't the Company...

Roleplay Sample - Journal: (Written in first person, IC, as though it were a journal entry.)
Let's get the good news out of the way since that'll only take a sec. Good news is I'm alive. Bad news is, I don't have my shampoo, my conditioner, my fingernail polish, my clothes, my shoes - what the hell are these flat things and do they know how hobbity they make me look? - and pretty much everything. They even took away my jewelry! Like I want to wear a dog collar for the rest of my life or something, right?

Ugh. And there are people here. From what I've seen so far, I'm the hottest of the group, and likely the smartest. So if someone's running sex games or something and I have to do a piece for Dateline, I'm definitely going to ask why this headcase thought I should have to interact with so many ugly, stupid people.

One thing is for sure, though. Whoever is messing with me like this? Is going to die. I'm going to kill them. I'm going to hunt them down, slice them open, burn their insides to a crisp, and kill them. I think I'll even kill their mother. Maybe their kids if someone actually fucked this headcase. I will kill them ALL.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here.


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