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Fic : Gilded Genesis ( rebelle_elle )
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Title: Gilded Genesis
Author: rebelle_elle
Artist: therisingmoon
Word Count: 18,261
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Charlie Andrews, Claire Bennet, Lyle Bennet, Noah Bennet, Elle Bishop, Emma Coolidge, Charles Deveaux, Simone Deveaux, Gabriel Gray, Samson Gray, Audrey Hanson, Eden McCain, Isaac Mendez, Daphne Millbrook, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Chandra Suresh, Mohinder Suresh, Jackie Wilcox Hesam, Rene
Warnings (sexual context, non-con, violence, strong language, characters death, etc) None
Bob Bishop never made it to Coyote Sands in 1961. Instead, a young man named Samson Gray took his place and helped new-found friends to found a company dedicated to protecting specials such as themselves.

Now, there's a killer on the loose, targeting people with abilities. Company agent Matt Parkman partners up with Audrey Hansen to find the killer, known only as "Sylar," while Agents Gabriel Gray and Noah Bennet try to find out what happened to Chandra Suresh's research assistant, last seen with Elle Bishop, a young woman with an unknown ability. A young nurse named Peter Petrelli begins to suspect he can fly and that his crush's boyfriend, Isaac, can predict the future. With his father long gone and his mother murdered years before, it's up to his brother, Nathan, to try to stop Peter from possibly killing himself. Their fates are starting to intertwine more and more as a homecoming game and the promise of immortality loom ever closer.

Link to fic master post: here
Link to art master post: here

Author's Notes
Type: Gen
Other: If you were one of the unlucky, you woke up a couple weeks ago with a thirty-page monster in your inbox. I might have warned you ahead of time that I would be sending this to you to beta, or maybe not. But all of you were invaluable in making this fic presentable, and I owe you guys for not killing me. So thank you to neptunienne, mabetini, sarena2s, and tammylee.

Chapter One :: Villains
Chapter Two :: Don't Look Back
Chapter Three :: One Giant Leap
Chapter Four :: Collision
Chapter Five :: Hiros
Chapter Six :: Better Halves
Chapter Seven :: Homecoming

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Thanks for organizing all this! I'd had this story half-finished for ages, and heroes_bigboom really pushed me to get my ass in gear, lol!

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