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Application to hewaitsdreaming
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✢ The Player
Player Name: Eve
Age: 27
LJ: kiandra_fire
AIM / MSN / Y!M: AIM: Evil Lifegiver
E-mail: kiandra_fire@yahoo.com
Other Characters: Veronica Mars, Richard Castle

✢ The Character
Character Name: Elle Bishop
Fandom: Heroes
Canon Point: Post canon
Age: 26

Appearance: Elle is 108 lbs, is 5'2", with long blond hair in loose curls down her back. Her nose has a bump in it, and her eyes, when she bothers to open them, are bright blue. She prefers to wear clothes that are blue or slightly see-through, tight, and sometimes missing chunks over fabric (like the back and shoulders). She wears a 5 1/2 or 6 shoe, and wears more eye makeup than absolutely necessary, a habit leftover from when she was trying to look her age or older.

Abilities / Powers: Electrical manipulation. She can generate electricity and direct it to hit things. She cannot, however, manipulate electricity from outside of her body.
Inventory: Unclaimed corpses aren't buried in much, so a simple shift and... that's it.

Elle comes across at first as very simple. Want, get, happy. Want, don't get, angry. Don't want, get, angry. Don't want, don't get, happy. Simple. But even someone as simple as Elle isn't actually that simple.

Though Elle often toes the line of villainy, it isn't so much because she's evil as that she can't always distinguish between right and wrong. She was raised by her father to be the best agent she could be, and part of that was - according to her father, Bob - to have no emotion that could impair her while she worked. After his experiments, she became emotionally withdrawn and was sent to therapy; Bob manipulated the therapists to have her diagnosed as a sociopath with paranoid delusions. Convinced she truly was a sociopath, Elle slowly started to act like one and continued to do so when she noticed how pleased her father was that she could hurt or kill people without apparent guilt. With that in mind, she tends to bury any feelings she sees as weakness - guilt, sadness, and fear amongst them. She's also likely to torture or kill anyone who sees her when she's weak.

Her memory has been wiped many times since she was eight, and that and her spoiled upbringing may have contributed to her childish personality, which, except for a series of lectures on how to behave, has gone largely unchecked.

Despite all this, Elle can be thoughtful and is more self-aware than most give her credit for. However, she tends to bury this under an extremely flirtatious and immature personality. She's seen how weaknesses can be exploited and doesn't want anyone to find her real weaknesses. She can't fake her extreme vanity, however, nor how spoiled she is. She's been known to hold extreme grudges.

At the end of the day, Elle is an optimist, convinced things will get better if she just keeps trying. She'll pursue what she wants stubbornly, even if it kills her.

Elle was abused by her father, with her memories often erased by the Haitian. The memory deletions and electricity overloads from her dad's experiments helped contribute to her impulsive nature; she has holes in her memory from throughout her childhood, and her short-term memory isn't all that great, either. Not realizing what her father was doing to her, he spoiled her by giving her "toys," people the Company had captured, wanting to see what she did with them. After Bob died and Elle was fired from the Company, however, Elle came to realize that she wasn't a sociopath, merely broken by her father's experiments. She's still ill-prepared to deal with emotion and often tries to either act like other people, or, if she's too overwhelmed, fall back on her training as an agent.

Though she used to be spoiled and somewhat independent, that hasn't happened since she was eight. Her father would give her the illusion of independence, but she was always kept under close watch. She's accustomed to not being trusted and to being looked after, never having truly learned how to look after herself. She doesn't know what her social security number is, doesn't know if she's supposed to file taxes, and cooking and cleaning are difficult for her, to say the least. She's had someone in control of her life since she was young and, frankly, isn't sure what to do without it. After years of no one trusting her, she's not sure if even she can trust herself.
History: link to her wiki

First Person Sample: Since Daddy and I don't believe in heaven or hell, this has got to be another Company place, right? It's not like any Company place I've ever known. Not like the one at Hartsdale. But I'm alive. Only a special could do this, right? There's got to be a special out there who can bring people back from the dead?

Or was I dead? Maybe Gabriel brought me back. [Elle takes a breath, getting ready to call out to him, but his name dies on her lip.] He wouldn't stick around, though. Not after that whole betrayal thing. God damn it. No, god damn him. Making me think about all that stuff and then taking it away.

[Elle pushes herself to her feet and starts rooting around for something else to wear.] She has to get out there and find out what's going on, and she certainly can't go looking like this.
Third Person Sample: Elle didn't know how much time passed between opening her eyes and actually sitting up. She had been staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what it was, where she was, how she had gotten there. This wasn't the beach, and when she reached upward to feel her forehead, it was pristine. No blood. No open wound. No scar tissue. What had happened to her?

It took her several minutes to notice the smart phone, several more to make it work. After she watched the message from the Dean, she scowled and sent out a video message of her own.

"Very funny, Mrs. Petrelli. If you can ball up, though, I think I deserve being told I'm some sort of prisoner of the Company again flat out.At least your husband was brave enough to do that." She hesitated, then cut the feed. She held the smart phone for several minutes more, sitting on her legs. She had been dead. She'd been dead, hadn't she? And yet... What if her dad was still alive, too? If Sylar's kills were impermanent, that meant he might be alive, right?

She cleared her throat and sent out another message. "And Dad, if you're here, let me know, okay? You know turning things into gold can't protect you the same way I can." There. Now all she had to do was sit in this itchy dress and wait.



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